How Much Does A Bin With Garbage Weigh?

Posted by on May 9, 2016
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It might feel like you’ve gone back to high school having to calculate volume and mass but with the RedBins calculator it gets a little easier. The calculator is intended for customers who are filling their bins with clean fill. Clean fill includes concrete, interlock, brick and block, dirt, grass, asphalt and any mix of these. The calculator will help you figure out what size bin to get for your clean fill disposal.

If you are filling the bin with something other than clean fill, the weigh-in gets a little harder to figure out. Generally a 14-20 yard bin can weigh about 2 tonnes. But when you are using the bin for cleaning up purposes such as garage, scrap metal or yard work, that’s when it gets a little difficult and unpredictable. A piece of wood is a different weight then a piece of scrap metal, so it gets a little hard to tell just by the size of the bin.

There are different calculators to weigh certain things, which can help you estimate the weight.

RedBins charges $95 per tonne, and has it pro-rated to the exact weight you are moving. That way you aren’t being overcharged for weight that isn’t there. There is no minimum charge for the weight so you can have as much or as little weight in the bins that you wish. If you want to be more prepared for the weight you can keep this in mind:

  • A typical 12 yard load of mixed household waste can usually weigh 1-2 tonnes
  • Dirt/soil is approximately 1 tonne per cubic yard
  • Shingles are approximately 1 tonne per 30 bundles (double if 2 layers)
  • 12-yard load of mixed construction materials is approximately 1-3 tonnes

These aren’t exact, but they can help you approximate what you are putting in the bins. Another way, to make an approximate weight is one cubic yard can contain up to one tonne. Even with these references, there can still be surprises in the bins that could change the weight drastically, but these calculations can help give an approximate answer.

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