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Tips to prevent others from illegally dumping in your dumpster

Best Ways to Prevent Your Neighbours From Illegally Dumping in Your Dumpster

Posted by on May 18, 2020
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When a dumpster is rented out, the last thing anyone wants (or expects) is for it to get filled up by strangers who did not contribute to helping pay for the rental. The sad truth is that it is very common for individuals to have their dumpsters compromised in this manner. What most people do not know, though, is that this behaviour is considered illegal in most cities. It is illegal for other individuals, who did not pay for the rental, to throw their items into the dumpster unless they have the explicit permission of the person who rented it.

Rental dumpsters on private properties are protected and, technically, they should not have any waste thrown in them except for that which is decided by the renter. However, this is not always the case, and individuals often have to take serious precautionary measures to ensure that no one throws items into it when they are not present.

Why should I stop others from dumping in my rented dumpster?

Apart from the fact that it is illegal for strangers to dump their garbage in a dumpster that is on private property, you should protect your dumpster because of the additional fines and time that could be compromised when others are using your rental as well.

In many cases, you may need to rent a second garbage bin to accommodate all their garbage along with the extra garbage, and this can cost them more. Also, if the other individuals throw out toxic materials such as paint without informing the renter, then they will have to pay the additional fees that come with wrongfully disposing of such materials.

The heavier the dumpster is, the more you will have to pay the company. If many people are using the garbage bin, the weight may end up exceeding the designated amount, which will once again lead to additional fines.

To prevent this illegal dumping, renters should try a few different methods to reduce the chances of others dumping in their garbage bin rental.

Be Loud and Clear: Communication is Key

The first measure any renter should take is to put up a sign that clearly states that the dumpster is not for public use. Sometimes, a simple sign is all it takes to keep most people away from throwing their items in it. You can go a step further and mention that there will be legal penalties for anyone who decides to ignore the warning.

Apart from putting up a written sign, you should make sure they cover the dumpster when they are not present. Covering the dumpster with a tarp will make it harder for anyone to throw away their garbage, and it will also give a clear message that the dumpster is not open for the public. Covering the dumpster has the additional benefit of keeping all the clutter inside dry. Wet clutter is much heavier, and heavy loads may require you to pay an additional fee.

Even if putting up a sign and covering the dumpster does not work, these matters can come in handy when you decide to take legal action against the parties who wrongfully dumped their trash in your dumpster.

Be Careful About the Location and Timing of the Dumpster Rental

You must place the dumpster in a safe area and not near a busy road or in an area that is easily accessible to the public. If possible, it should be placed in a sealed-off area that is protected by fencing, and it should be visible that it is on private property. The area should also be well-lit and, if possible, it should be in clear sight of any surveillance cameras that you have installed by your home. A major mistake you can make is leaving for a few days or long hours during the rental period. To reduce the chances of others dumping in the rental as much as possible, try to be near your home and be present as much as possible.

If potential culprits discover that the area is not being watched, there are high chances they will fill the dumpster with as much garbage as possible. Even if you cannot be present yourself, you should ask a neighbour, friend, or family member to keep an eye out on the dumpster while you are away.

Also, try to fill the dumpster as quickly as possible. If it fits your schedule, have the debris ready beforehand and rent the bin when you’re ready to throw everything away entirely. The longer the bin is on your property, the more time others have to use it when no one is looking. Therefore, precautions should be taken, and the work should be completed as quickly as possible.

What if my preventative measures don’t work?

If illegal dumping ends up occurring despite trying everything, you can always turn to the legal route. Calling a lawyer and taking the guilty party to court over illegally using the dumpster may earn you the needed compensation to pay off any additional fines incurred due to the extra usage.

In most cases, the bin rental company won’t be able to do anything other than offer more bins for rent if your original rental garbage bin was compromised. However, if you had your bin filled completely or almost completely by someone else, contact your junk removal company and ask them whether anything can be done to rectify the problem.

For more information on renting dumpster bins and junk removal in Toronto, call Red Bins at 416-733-2467 or contact us here.

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