How To Properly Dispose Of These 5 Holiday Decorations

Posted by on December 11, 2017
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When the holidays are complete, you and your family will likely wonder what to do with all those holiday decorations that once adorned your home. There are many options available for disposing of different types of decorations, but it’s important to work with a junk removal specialist to make the right decision. In this latest post, we’ll explore how to properly dispose of five holiday decorations.

  1. Christmas Trees

  2. For those with real Christmas trees, there are many donation companies that will come and pick up the tree from your home. Real trees can be recycled into compost and mulch. Plastic trees are a different consideration. Try to find a new home for plastic trees to prevent them going to landfills.

  3. Tree Lights

  4. Decorations such as tree lights should be broken down into their constituent parts and recycled. Most lights can be broken down into copper wiring, brass parts, plastic and glass. Once they’ve been broken down, they can then be sent to recycling facilities so the material can be reformed until a new product.

  5. Gift Bags and Wrapping Paper

  6. Paper products such as gift bags and wrapping paper should be re-used carefully until they’re no longer viable for use during the holidays. Once they’ve exceeded their period of effective use, make sure they go to a local recycling plant ready to be reconstituted. It’s important to remember, however, that shiny wrapping paper is not easily recycled, and so you may have to find alternative disposal options for shiny paper, which is coated with speciality plastics.

  7. Fabric Decorations

  8. Fabric decorations used in yard displays and hung on Christmas trees during the holiday season should be carefully disposed of at recycling facilities. Most recycling companies will take fabric products, but remember to remove any plastic or metal elements before you begin the disposal process, as this could cause damage during recycling.

  9. Garland

  10. Garland and other similar tree decorations are considered household waste and can be disposed of through your regular garbage. Some companies will take specific tree decorations as long as they don’t contain hazardous materials. It’s important to work with a junk removal specialist before taking on this process.

    Our experts are here to help you remove old holiday items from your home. We have decades of experience, and we can help to guide you on your junk removal options. To learn more about the full range of services available, call us today!

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