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Red Bins – When Is a Dumpster Rental Better Than Professional Junk Removal?

Posted by on June 25, 2018
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When you’re dealing with a large project or any activity that generates a lot of junk, you have two main options for the cleanup: renting a dumpster on a temporary basis or hiring a professional junk removal team to help you. Both of the choices have advantages and disadvantages. When you use a dumpster rental, you have more control over the timeline of your project, and you’ll be able to save money. Meanwhile, full-service junk removal will demand more of your budget, but all of the heavy duty work will be taken out of your hands. Full-service professional junk removal is ideal for many people because it doesn’t have the same DIY elements as dumpster rentals.

When Professional Junk Removal Services Are Right For You

Choosing between a dumpster rental and a professional removal service will depend largely on the circumstances of your unique situation. These are the situations in which a professional removal team is unquestionably better than renting a dumpster:

  • You have a large number of bulky or heavy items, and there is no one available to help you bring them to a dumpster
  • You are getting rid of materials that must be broken down before they can fit in a dumpster
  • You have a disability that prevents you from moving your junk to a dumpster on your own
  • You need extra help with cleaning up the junk site for any other reason

A junk removal team will be especially helpful if you’re moving into a new place. When carrying around heavy furniture, it’s easy to damage the walls or floor of an area by accident. Junk removal professionals have enough experience with heavy items to move them without problems. They can also use professional lifting equipment to make the job easier.

When Cheap Dumpster Rentals Are Right For You

You might not want to hire a professional service to help you with your junk removal. You might also want more control over your project’s timeline, which would be marred by a removal team needing to arrive at a pre-scheduled time. Alternatively, you might have enough helping hands already that a junk removal service would be a hindrance rather than a help. These are scenarios when you’ll probably be better served by DIY removal than by a professional team:

Most of the items you’re dumping are small. When furniture and large appliances are the bulk of what you’re moving, you’ll want to look into professional help. But if you’re getting rid of small items, a dumpster rental will be better for you than professional assistance. These items can be easily transported from the junk site to a rented dumpster. If the items are small enough that it’s easy for you to transport them yourself, put a dumpster into your driveway. You can fill it at your leisure instead of needing to adhere to predetermined schedules.

You’re doing a renovation. With professional junk removal, the services are best utilized when the project involves moving a heavy object from one location to another. If you’re ripping out carpet, drywall, flooring, or your project involves a large amount of other construction issues, you’ll be better served by a dumpster on-site where garbage can be deposited. Because debris tends to accumulate over the course of the project, it’s easier to have a dumpster on-site than to schedule one time for a junk removal team to come in. When a contractor is helping out with the renovation, they might even ask you to rent a dumpster so that they can get rid of materials easily.

You have a strict budget. Renting a dumpster will always be a cheaper option than bringing in a professional team. This is because of the DIY nature of dumpster rentals. If you have a strict budget, you might simply be unable to afford a removal team on top of the cost of renting the bin.

You or your project suffer from a lack of organization. For junk removal services to work to the best of their ability, you need to do a project that’s well planned. You’ll want to know exactly what the removal team will be hauling. If you have a predetermined plan, you can simply direct the removal professionals to follow this plan. But if you’re cleaning out an area and going through your things slowly to decide what to keep and throw away, you’ll want a DIY dumpster. Otherwise, you’ll end up paying the removal specialists to do little more than stand around.

You already know what to expect from your project. If you’ve done this kind of project before, you’re more likely to benefit from renting a dumpster than hiring professionals. You already have a sense of the scope of the project. You can plan for how to remove your junk without needing someone else to help you do it.

Picking Your Rental or Removal Service

The good news is that in many cases, you can find dumpster rental and full removal services provided by the same company. You can even call these companies to get a consultation regarding which services work best for your practice.

If you live in Canada, RedBins is a junk disposal company that also handles bin rentals. While the company’s main office is stationed in Toronto, there are branches that can handle junk removal projects across the entire country.

RedBins offers the following sizes of bin for rental:

  • A small 4-yard bin
  • A 14-yard bin
  • A larger 20-yard bin
  • A 40-yard bin

The bins have the advantage of having easy-open doors that make loading simple. The original price will cover your rental for seven days, but if you’re dealing with a larger project, you can request a longer rental time.

The full service does have an additional cost, but for the fee, you can have a professional team fill the bins with your items as well. If you have a clear-cut cleaning project, but you’re overwhelmed by the amount of moving that you need to do, RedBins has a no-fuss professional team that can handle it for you.

If you want a consultation regarding which services would work best for you, or you want to be given a free estimate of your project’s cost, give RedBins a call at 416-733-2467.

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