Why Rental Bins Are Handy During A Renovation

Posted by on July 18, 2016
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During a home renovation, you will find that a bin rental is an absolute necessity! When it comes to disposing of renovation waste—such as bricks, stone, drywall, and insulation—a bin rental is the way to go. At Red Bins, we make it easy by dropping off the bin at the time you choose, and promptly picking it up and hauling it away once you no longer need it.

So why are rental bins a good idea during a renovation?

  • It’s better than renting a truck: Some people choose to rent a truck to transport renovation waste to a landfill. Renting a bin gives you much more convenience as you don’t have to worry about scratching or denting a truck, you won’t have to haul multiple loads or pick-up and drop off the truck! We’ll drop the bin off for you, and pick it up when it’s done—easy as that!
  • It’s always there: If you’re hauling waste to a landfill site you have to work with their hours. Meanwhile, a rental bin is always available for you to dump waste!
  • They come in many sizes: At Red Bins, we offer four different sizes of bins to suit your needs. Our sizes are:

    • 4 yards
    • 14 yards
    • 20 yards
    • 40 yards
  • It’s convenient: During a renovation, you’ve likely got a lot on your mind. If you rent a bin, we’ll take care of delivery (you don’t even have to be home), and pick-up. Our bins are easy to load, and once the bin is full we’ll come pick it up, freeing you time and mind for other things.
  • It’s flexible: At Red Bins, our rental agreements last seven days. However, if you need a bin for longer than that we are happy to extend the agreement. We also offer full junk removal, if you don’t want to do any heavy lifting! We also don’t require booking far in advance–two days’ notice is generally sufficient.
  • It’s better for the environment: By ensuring all of your waste goes into the bin, you’re taking care that it ends up in the proper place, whether that be recycling, compost, or landfill.
  • It’s safer than other options: Our bins are easy to load, all you need to do is open the door. This way you avoid lifting heavy or hazardous objects over the side or into a truck.

The bottom line is, renting a bin during your renovation will keep your home tidier, and make the renovation far smoother and more convenient. Call us today to reserve your disposal bin!

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