How To Save Money With DIY Home Renovations

Posted by on March 14, 2016
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Renovations can be costly, especially if you have to hire a professional to do it for you. In fact, a lot of home renovation costs are in the labour. But, if you can take on home renovations yourself, the cost of these projects will be drastically cut, ultimately saving yourself a lot of money. Here are even more ways you can save money on DIY home renovations.

  • Buy Supplies and Material from ReStores. Run by Habitat for Humanity, these building supply stores re-sell both new and gently used building materials for 50-80 percent off of the original price. You might even find a lot of supplies at yard sales. In short, avoid big box stores.
  • Keep On Top of Sales. Subscribe to home improvement stores’ newsletters via e-mail and get updates of sales directly to your inbox. Although you might have to store some of these materials for up to a year, it will still save you a lot of money in the end if you can take advantage of sales when they are available.
  • Hold On to Extra Supplies. In any home renovation project, overestimating the amount of supplies you will need is quite common. However, this can work to your advantage because you can simply use up the rest of the paint, for example, in your next project. It is a good idea to keep all of your extra supplies organized and to even take an inventory. This will stop you from buying more of what you already have.
  • Buy Unfinished. If you are thinking of updating your kitchen cabinets, for example, choose ones that are unfinished. They will be significantly cheaper and you can easily paint or stain them yourself in an afternoon.
  • Choose one Neutral Trim Paint. If you are thinking about updating the paint on your walls, consider choosing one colour for the trim so that you can use it in the entire house. You will avoid purchasing multiple cans of paint and only using a little of it. In doing so, you’ll save approximately $50 on paint for every three rooms.
  • Take Advantage of YouTube. Are you unsure whether you can tackle a home renovation project without a professional? Take advantage of the many free tutorials on YouTube. You might just surprise yourself.

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