When To Sell Old Electronics And When To Throw Them Away

Posted by on March 14, 2018
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Once and awhile, we all need to declutter our homes. This often leads to issues concerning electronics disposal. Many electronics contain toxic substances that can damage the water, soil and the environment if not disposed of properly. Now you’re wondering whether to sell or throw away your electronics. Here are some tips:

Selling Electronics

If the electronic item is still in working order, the first choice is to sell it. Even if it is an older model or an item not in demand, there may be a buyer. Certain items can be sold for parts such as an old computer. Even if the computer is not working, there are people interested in the motherboard, the video card, the sound card, the processor, hard drive, etc. Also, most electronics contain precious metals that can be sold.

Some electronics like old iPhones have a resale market online. Before deciding to throw anything away, do some research online to see if the item is in demand.

Keeping the Electronics

Many electronics can be repurposed. For example, an old smartphone makes a great alarm clock even if it no longer connects to the internet.

Electronic Disposal

It is extremely important not to place any electronics in the bin. These items can cause serious harm to the environment by polluting the water and soil if not disposed of properly.

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