Why a Smaller Dumpster Is a Good Idea

Posted by on February 26, 2018
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When renting a dumpster for your property, there are many elements to take into consideration. Which company should you rent from? How long will you need the dumpster? And what type of waste can you place within the dumpster? But perhaps the most important question to consider in the rental process is “Which size of dumpster do we need?”. In this latest post, we’ll highlight the benefits of a smaller junk bin rental.

Driveway Placement

A clear benefit of renting a smaller dumpster is that it can be easily placed into the driveway. If you have multiple vehicles outside the home, it can be difficult to place a dumpster in the space without potentially scratching your cars. A smaller dumpster assures an easier fit.

Even Small Dumpsters can Accommodate Most Waste

One of the reasons many homeowners think they require larger dumpsters is because they believe only the large product will hold all of their waste. Fortunately, most smaller dumpsters are suitable for even the largest home cleaning job. Small dumpsters are designed in-line with the requirements of the modern home, and, as such, can fit all waste for large-scale cleaning projects.

More Affordable

It’s also more affordable to go for a smaller junk bin rental. In some cases, homeowners spend hundreds of dollars more than required in paying for a larger bin when a smaller one will be more than ideal.

Larger Dumpsters Clutter the Area

Your neighbours will appreciate you choosing a smaller dumpster for your cleaning projects. This is particularly true if they are in the midst of trying to sell their home. There are few sights less appealing to the homebuyer’s eye than a large dumpster outside the home. Choosing a smaller, more discrete dumpster can ensure you remain on good terms with those also living in the area.

Smaller Dumpsters are Easy for Pickups and Drop Offs

When dropping off the dumpster, a smaller size will make the process simpler for both the rental company and for you as the homeowner. This is also true of the pickup process. You are less likely to have to move vehicles around in allowing the pickup crew access to the dumpster. A smaller size of junk bin rental is usually more convenient for both the company and you as the homeowner.

To discover more on your junk bin rental options, give our team a call today! We offer a range of sizes to respond to all project needs.

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