Souvenirs You Should And Shouldn’t Save From Childhood

Posted by on September 18, 2017
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Choosing those personal belongings from childhood that will have a permanent place within your home is an important consideration. Whether you’re a parent deciding which of your kids’ past belongings to keep, or choosing which of your own childhood items to keep as memories, the process is quite similar. To help guide you as you take on this challenge, we’re discussing how to choose which childhood souvenirs to keep and which to remove from your home.

Photos Can Be Digitized and Scrapped

One of the main items that pile up in homes across the country is old photos. Many homeowners find that they have thousands upon thousands of photos from the days in which polaroid cameras were often used. It’s important that you digitize all the photos that you want to hold on to for the long-term. Make sure that you use safe digital storage options and choose a disposal service company that can offer effective removal of your older photos.

Let Go of Others’ Memories

If you have the keepsake from your best friends’ wedding or a flower from a niece’s first birthday, carefully consider removing the item from the home. While it might have had relevance for you at the time, the item likely only has significant meaning to that person. You could offer it to the relevant person for use as their own keepsake. But if they don’t have any interest, you should remove the item from your home.

Remove Event Freebies

We all collect them as we travel, those free pens, pins and badges that are given away at every event. While you might have had a great time at that business conference in 2009, do you really need to keep all those branded items you collected there? Make sure those free items are removed from the home and ensure you have enough room for belongings with true sentimental value.

Keep Reminders of Triumph

Having positive reminders around the home can be an important influence in difficult times. Those keepsakes from a tournament win or a triumph over illness are support tools that are great to have around the home. Make sure they take pride of place on mantelpieces and in central areas of the living space.

One Event Day Memento

While your wedding day might have been the happiest day of your life so far, keeping all the flowers and cards will take up a lot of space in the home. Make sure you keep hold of one important event day reminder, like a book or a recording of the day. This will ensure you maintain the memory of the event while helping to simplify the organization of your home.

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