Spring Cleaning Tips For Your Yard

Posted by on March 7, 2018
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With summer right around the corner, it’s almost time to start spring cleaning! A part of that is yard cleaning, which can be overwhelming and tedious. Some people might not know where to start or how to even tackle such a big job. Here are some cleaning tips to help you get started:

  1. Pick Up Trash

    Once all the snow melts, pick up any trash in your yard. This could be anything from stuff that people have thrown out of their cars to things that have blown over from the neighbour’s yard.

  2. Rake Up Twigs and Leaves

    The next thing to do is pick up all the dead twigs, leaves and other foliage. This is so you don’t run over them with your lawn tools and send pieces flying. You can either bag them up or burn them if it’s allowed.

  3. Clean Your Lawn Care Tools

    Next, you want to thoroughly clean your lawn equipment. For starters, make sure that all tires are working. For example, pick the dried grass out of the lawnmower.

  4. Mow/Weed-Whack/Trim

    Once it’s time, go ahead and mow, weed-whack, and trim the bushes and trees. In the summer, it won’t take as long because you’ll be keeping up with it. The only reason it’ll take awhile the first time is because they went months without care.

  5. Plant Seeds in Dead Areas

    Now that you mowed, make a note of any areas that have bald spots. If that’s the case, remove the dead grass and plant new seeds. This will help ensure that your yard will look healthy and beautiful.

  6. Garden Care

    Finally, make a plan on where you want to plant trees, flowers, bushes, and your garden. Then, go ahead and prep the area, either by shoveling up dirt, getting soil, or digging a hole. Once it’s ready, go ahead with planting and watering. Make sure you plant AFTER the first frost so nothing dies!

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