Summer Cleaning Guide

Summer Cleaning Guide

Posted by on June 7, 2019
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While most people associate full house cleaning with the spring, in reality, most people clean their homes thoroughly during the summer, as they have more free time to do so.  Family members can also get involved, as everyone will likely be home for summer vacation, which serves as an added incentive to clean the house.

However, cleaning the home, during any season, can still prove to be a great challenge if you do not know where to start.  We would suggest that you begin with one room, or, perhaps start with a closet if time is tight. Here, we will discuss some quick and easy tips that can help you declutter your home during the summer.

Accept Your Sunk Costs

Sunk costs refer to items whose costs cannot be recovered. Most of the items in your home will fall under the sunk costs category, as the costs for those items have already been incurred. As such, as you go through the items in your home, think about whether or not a given item can be used by you or a loved one in the future. With a few notable exceptions, such as an antique necklace or vase, most of the items in your home will not appreciate in value and are items that you will never get your money back from. However, you may still find a use for certain items in the future, so you may want to hang onto those items for the foreseeable future.

Next, create separate categories for the things in each of your rooms, including the basement, attic, and garage. Also, go out and purchase some sticky labels, as well as some storage bins to house your household items. Next, find out where your local medication collection center is so that you can dispose of your expired medications, and find out where the nearest biohazard waste facility is so that you can safely and legally dispose of any harmful waste products. Any items that you do not wish to keep but feel that someone else may be able to use or enjoy should be donated to a local charitable organization.

Best Way to Tackle the Kitchen

To begin you should set a timer and blast some of your favourite tunes to keep you motivated while you are organizing and cleaning your kitchen. Once you have set your timer and turned on your music player you will need to gather a few storage containers and place them in the center of your kitchen. You should, at the very least, have two large storage bins ready, with one housing items that you will donate, while the other will contain refuse.

Also, if you want to up the ante, you can set up an additional 2 containers, with one containing items that you plan on selling on Amazon or eBay, and the other containing items that you plan on selling at a local garage sale or bazaar.

What Items to Focus on First

First, assess your glassware and cups. You need to determine the type of liquids that you drink on a routine basis, as well as how often you throw dinner parties at your home. The amount of storage space you have available in your kitchen will also determine how many glasses and cups you will keep. For most families, two of each type of cup or glass will suffice to meet their beverage needs, and a few mugs per person for good measure.

At the same time, you don’t want to be short of glasses for when guests arrive at your home, so how often you entertain guests will help you determine how many pieces you need to keep in your kitchen. For instance, if you only entertain guests from time to time then perhaps purchasing an extra storage container for glassware will help.

In other words, the storage container will be used to house glassware for guests, and you should keep them in a separate storage area, while the glassware that your family uses for drinks on a daily basis should be kept in the kitchen. However, any glassware or cups, such as a corporate mug that you received over a decade ago, should be thrown out promptly.

The Best Way to Tackle the Bathroom

Begin by collecting bath and toiletry supplies that you do not need into a storage bin so that you can give them to someone less fortunate that you may know or simply drop them off at a local charity center. Your bathroom storage bins should also be labeled correctly so you know what goes where, and the next step is to start going through the items in your bathroom cabinets. As you go through the items, check the expiry dates on medications and bathroom cleaning supplies, and any expired medications or bathroom cleaning products that do not contain any hazardous or toxic materials can be thrown out.

Evidently, you should have a biohazard storage bin ready in order to safely dispose of harmful materials. Moreover, if you have any half-empty shampoo or conditioner bottles then you can also save space by combining them. The truth of the matter is most shampoos contain very similar or identical ingredients for hair cleaning, so combining shampoos can help you save some space in your cabinets as well as allow you to recycle some of the empty bottles.

In regards to bathroom cleaners, some people store 5 or 6 different cleaning solutions in their bathroom, which take up unnecessary space and create clutter. Instead, only keep the one that you use and throw out or donate the ones that you don’t.

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