The Benefits of Less Clutter

The Benefits of Less Clutter

Posted by on January 6, 2020
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Nothing can feel more freeing than clearing the clutter from your home. Reducing the amount of stuff you have can make your home look bigger and can even have a big emotional impact on you and your health.

Statistics show that 83 percent of Canadians say they are disorganized, while 91 percent indicate that clutter has a negative effect on their lives, according to the Vancouver Sun. Moreover, psychologists have found that clutter can make us feel stressed and overwhelmed. One of the reasons is that mess is a major visual stimulus that can distract us from what is important. It can also cause us to feel like our work is never done and can cause frustration when we can’t find something we need.

Whether you want to feel less stressed, happier with your home and your life, make a little extra money, or downsize your space; there are many good reasons to declutter your home.

Benefits of Decluttering

When it comes to clearing the clutter from your home, there are several important benefits to you, your life, and your space. These include:

  1. Health: Clutter can not only make you feel overwhelmed and closed in, but it can also have a negative impact on your home’s environment. All that stuff can collect dust and other allergens, which can reduce the air quality of your home. In addition, clutter that piles up can put your safety at risk. Homes that have excessive mess can increase the chance that you or others will slip and fall. It also puts your space at a higher risk of fire.

  2. Space: Once you have cleared away all the clutter that has been clogging up your space, your home will start to feel bigger. Many times, our mess collects on bookshelves, on counters, and in corners. This can start to squeeze our space making it appear more crowded. Reducing the amount of stuff that collects in these areas can help you reclaim your space.

  3. Update your look: Decluttering gives you the opportunity to makeover your home. Removing things that don’t fit into the look of your home can give your space a fresh appearance. You can use this as an opportunity to develop a more aesthetically appealing appearance for your rooms.

  4. Motivation: Tackling the clutter in your home can help motivate you to take on other improvement activities that you have been letting slide. The positive emotions that come from achieving your goal of reducing the clutter in your home can spill over into other areas including home improvement projects.

  5. Creativity: Research has found that there is a link to reduced creativity and clutter. Rooms that overwhelm us with stuff don’t allow for the mind to be free. Clearing your home of clutter can help open the doors to creativity, both for you and for your guests.

How to Declutter

Even if you have decided to free your home from clutter, the process can seem daunting. However, it doesn’t have to be. Here are some tips to make decluttering easier:

Create piles
If you haven’t looked through your things in a while, it is not always clear what you should keep and what you should toss. It is a good idea to create three piles to start with: yes, no, and maybe. Things that you know should go can be put in the yes pile, while things that you want to keep can be in the no pile. Your maybe pile should consist of things that you are not sure about at first. Keep in mind there are some things that need to go, even if you are hesitant. These include damaged items, clothing you have not worn for over a year, expired food or medicine, and identical items.

Be realistic
A lot of the items thatl end up in your maybe pile really should be tossed or given away, but they often have sentimental value. However, you should consider whether these gifts and mementos are really worth keeping. Do they fit into the decor of your home or are you simply letting them collect in a box in the basement? Those items that are just taking up space are better off somewhere else.

For items that are in good condition, but you have no more room or use for, consider donating them. You can give them to family, friends, neighbours, or to a local charity. Books can be dropped off at your nearby library. Donating your items can add to the good feelings you get from decluttering. Not only are you clearing up your space, but you are also giving a new life to your used items.

Decluttering can be an opportunity for you to make a little extra cash. Consider the items that are in good condition that you no longer need or want. Posting an ad on a local site like Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist can help connect you to those willing to pay for your used items.

Get professional help
Collecting and dropping off your items can seem like a time-consuming process, but it can be simplified by relying on professional junk removalists. Companies like Red Bins can help by allowing you to put your unwanted items inside the bin. They will then haul it away for you so you can start enjoying your clutter-free space right away.


There are a variety of benefits that come from cutting down on your clutter. With less mess around your home, you will feel better and more satisfied with your life. You will be able to focus more on the things that are important and the environment around your home will also improve.

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