Tips For Cleaning Up After A Large Event

Posted by on May 16, 2017
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Organizing a large social event is already such a complicated task, you don’t even want to think about cleaning after it beforehand! But think you should. Because if you plan it right from the start, cleaning up after a large event can done in a flash.

It’s all about relying on the convenience of disposable partyware and supplies and renting a mini bin from your local dumpster company to take all that post-party jetsam and flotsam away.

No Shame in Using Plastic Plates and Cups!

If you were having a dinner party, then, yes, plasticware is a definite no-no. But at a large event, most guests expect to be served food and drink on plastic or even paperware. Today’s plastic and paper dishware and cutlery can look so sophisticated and real, it’s sometimes difficult to discern the difference.

And once the party is over, there is no need to repeatedly load up and unload the dishwasher. No need to gather bits and pieces of broken china dishes and glasses! You just walk around the venue once the evening is over, toss all the used disposables into a bag, and throw the bags into a mini bin outside.

Using Tablecloths to Decorate and Save the Furniture from Spillage

If you covered your tables with tablecloths, they will thank you for it! You’ve protected them from water rings and other spillage, and saved yourself much time getting rid of these stubborn stains. Plus, pretty tablecloths can make real visual impact and add a punch to the ambiance of the venue.

What’s more important, though, is that once the party is over, you can just fold them up and toss them in the wash. Better yet, if you used paper tablecloths, there is no need for even that chore. Just whip them off the tables and toss them into the mini bin.

Placing Trash Bins Throughout the Party Venue

You can save yourself some time on gathering all the plastic and paper party materials if you leave a few open trash bags out so that guests can do this themselves as the party progresses. And, once the last guest has left, you just collect the bags and pitch them into the rented mini bin dumpster.

No point in using your regular, or heaven forbid, your special dinnerware, silverware and crystal wine glasses at an event with crowds of people bumping into each other and maybe having just a little more fun than they should! You’ll likely end up with broken shards of china and glass to collect and plenty of washing up, which will take the joy out of the party for you.

When you use mostly disposable partyware that can be easily tossed into a rented mini bin dumpster for a quick and convenient disposal, the day after the party you can just relax and think about how much fun the evening was.

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