Tips For Cleaning Up After A Renovation

Posted by on June 13, 2016
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Renovation projects typically take you a step closer to having your dream home, but they also leave a lot of trash, debris, and an unusually large blanket of dust – from items that have not been moved for long, as well as the sanding and cutting activities – that is quite hard to get rid of.

Regardless of how the dust got there, you should try to trap it rather than lift it into the air, as it will just settle in a new location. Here are a few tips to help you clean the debris and dust without creating a bigger mess:

Scrape off trouble areas:

To prevent debris from appearing time and time again after cleaning, it is important that you scrape off anything that could eventually fall down to the floor. Make sure that all surfaces and edges are smooth before you start cleaning the floor.

Clean the air filters

The filters are designed to trap airborne dust, and they perform this task very effectively. So, after the renovation project, your air filters will probably be clogged. So, buy two replacement air filters and install one immediately. By the time you finish cleaning, it will also be very dirty, and possibly clogged. So, you may replace it with the second one at this point. If you don’t replace the air filter, clean it thoroughly so it doesn’t release the dust into the clean air.

Clear the largest mess first

You probably want to start cleaning the ledges, shelves, and walls; but before this, get rid of any visible piles of dust or dirt in the room. So, clean out the coverings, protective newspapers, and other materials that were laid down on the floor and corners before the work began. Consider misting a little water on the dirt so you don’t kick it into the air.

Wipe the walls down

Wipe all vertical surfaces, the walls, doorframes, curtain rods, pictures, shelves, and every other surface using the traditional top-bottom approach. Start with the accessories, and then finish with the walls and baseboards. You can easily clean the walls using a moist, soft towel wrapped around the bottom of a broom. Push it gently around the walls to collect dust and then wipe it away. To clean the ledges, accessories, and baseboards, it is best to use a dry sheet.

Sweep/vacuum the floor

Once the dust from the walls has settled, vacuum the floors. Keep an eye on the vacuum filter and clean it as needed. Follow the vacuuming with thorough mopping of the area according to the type of floor you have. Wiping the floor when wet will help pick up the finer dust particles, though you may need to mop several times until the floor is completely clean.

After a renovation, the construction company does not leave your home spotless. So, these tips should help to clean everything without having to spend more money hiring a professional cleaning company.

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