Tips For Decluttering Your Bathroom Space

Posted by on September 4, 2017
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Your bathroom is likely one of the most cluttered areas of your home. Smaller than most rooms, the bathroom is where you’ll be storing your shower products, hair care items, and many other personal belongings that take up significant space. It’s time to make room in your bathroom for new items, so within this latest post, our junk bin rental experts go over four bathroom decluttering tips.

  1. Choose Wall-Mounted Holders

    Toothbrush holders and soap holders that attach to your bathroom cabinetry or sit on countertops can take up too much space, and prevent you from having enough room in the bathroom. You can significantly improve the amount of space available by adding wall-mounted holders. The holders can be placed at different heights, making effective use of the vertical space in the bathroom.

  2. Use a Tray for All Toiletries

    You might find that you don’t have as many toiletries as you think if you just place them in a tray beside one another. Using a tray for your toiletries will ensure that they don’t spill out onto the counter, which can give the appearance of clutter in the bathroom. There are many great looking bathroom trays that can be perfectly matched with your decor, for a seamless design appeal.

  3. Keep Only the Products You Use Daily in the Space

    One of the most common mistakes homeowners make when trying to declutter their bathroom is thinking that they have to integrate everything they use in the bathroom within the bathroom space. The bathroom space should be used only for those essential items that you need on a daily basis. Products like toothbrushes and toothpaste should have a storage space in the bathroom, while items such as bath beads might be better kept elsewhere in the home for when they’re required.

  4. Ensure Items Are Picked Up and Put Away Daily

    It’s important that all members of the family follow the rules for reducing clutter in your home. This means that all items should be cleaned up and put away after they’ve been used. This can play an important role in keeping the bathroom space completely clean and clutter-free.

To discover more great tips for decluttering your bathroom, speak with our trusted junk bin rental team today!

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