Tips To Eliminate The Smell From A Garbage Bin

Posted by on December 18, 2017
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The smell from your home garbage bin can cause significant problems within the home. It can make it difficult to host events within the kitchen space, and can make general day-to-day living conditions difficult. And so it’s important for the home environment that you find a solution to strong odours coming from your garbage bin. Whether it’s looking up garbage bin rental prices or covering the smell with other products, there are options available. To help guide you in resolving this issue, we’re highlighting four tips for reducing the garbage bin smell.

  1. Use Baking Soda

  2. One of the best way to neutralize the smell of bad odours around your garbage is to use baking soda. Baking soda works to absorb odour and moisture within the bin, eliminating the smell for the coming week. Adding ¼ cup of baking soda to the bin is the best way to begin the process. You’ll soon notice the smell is reduced.

  3. Use Cat Litter

  4. Another great option for eliminating garbage can odor is cat litter. The product is designed to absorb the odours from the bottom of a container and to leave a fresh scent throughout the area. One of the great advantages of cat litter is that you can use only a small amount to remove the problem, and the litter retains its scent well over time, ensuring that you don’t have to keep changing it as you would when using it with pets.

  5. Clean with Bleach

  6. For those caked-in odours that seemingly just won’t leave the surface of the garbage can, you might consider washing the area with bleach. Make sure before cleaning the trash can that bleach won’t affect its surface. You should also ensure that the entire area in which you do the cleaning is well-ventilated to avoid the negative health effects associated with bleach’s use in the home.

  7. Add Dryer Sheets

  8. Many people are now adding dryer sheets to their packed bags when travelling for vacation, but few have considered the impact dryer sheets can have in the home kitchen space. Why not add a few dryer sheets to your home garbage bin to eliminate the smell and provide a flowery scent in the kitchen? Make sure you replenish the dryer sheets on a weekly basis, otherwise they can stick to the side of the bin and become difficult to remove. Used effectively, they can offer an affordable and safe alternative to cleaning products.

Our experts are here to guide you on removing odorous junk and other trash from your home. To learn more about your full range of options and the latest garbage bin rental prices, call us today!

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