Unexpected Expenses When Renovating Your Home

Posted by on December 15, 2015
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You’ve finally got around to doing those home renovations you’ve thought about all those years. You borrowed that book on drywalling from your local library, invited over your buddy who’s handy with a hammer, and watched 128 hours of DIY programming. You’re all set!
Or are you?

Unfortunately, there are many expenses that are associated with home renovation that not everybody considers when they plan their new dream home. Read on to learn what some of these expenses are and how you should plan for them.

Nasty surprises
The worst unexpected expenses are the ones that come about after a calamity of some sort. A water pipe was accidentally severed when knocking down a wall, the lighting wires were sliced when cutting a hole for a build-in cabinet, or the counter chipped when putting down a tool-heavy-tool. Whatever the cause, things can go wrong, and you’ll be left needing to make an emergency call to a professional worker to fix the mess.

These disasters are of course costly and immensely frustrating, but there are many other costs that add up quietly during renovation that we all too often don’t consider.

Small costs add up
When you hire somebody to do the renovations for you, there’s always the worry that they may go over budget and you will have to pay more than the initial estimate stated. Sometimes there are genuine curveballs that you or the contractor could not have seen, but sometimes the contractor is simply less than professional, so it’s always important that you do you research beforehand to make sure you hire reputable tradespeople.

If you go the Do It Yourself route, make sure that you have considered all the possible expenses. Relatively little things like tools, safety gear, patching compound, and paint can add up over time.

One of the biggest monetary factors that people all too often forget to consider is what’s left after the renovation. Old tiles, drywall, your severed thumb (ok, hopefully not that last one); after all your hard work, you have to actually remove all this junk.

The most inexpensive and time efficient way to do this is by calling a junk removal company! Your DIY renovation may have gone off without a hitch, but there will still be debris left over. And when it comes to junk removal, nobody does it better than Red Bins! Alternatively, you prefer to remove the trash yourself you still need a bin, which we will gladly rent and deliver to you.

You shouldn’t have to spend your life savings to get the home you’ve always wanted. Plan smartly, budget accordingly, and don’t forget to take the aftermath into consideration.

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