What Size Bin Do I Need?

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While size does not always matter, the size of the bin that you select for your projects does matter greatly. For instance, if you choose a bin that is too small you may need to call a trash removal company to help with your trash removal in Toronto. Or, you may need to rent a second or third bin in order to finish off your project. Moreover, a bin that is too big may end up costing you more than what you needed to complete your task. Here, we will provide some tips that will help you better determine what size bin you need for your trash removal in Toronto.

Bin Size Measurements

Bin sizes are measured using cubic yards, which consists of measuring the height, width, and length of the bin and multiplying the three figures in order to decipher the total. To further illustrate, a bin that is two yards wide, 2 yards long, and a single yard tall will amount to four cubic yards. Interestingly, in the US refuse containers are available for rent in twenty, fourteen, ten, and four yards, while they are available in twenty, fourteen, twelve, nine, and four yards in Canada. Whether you need a bin for a big-time renovation or simply need a bin to perform a minor cleanup there is a bin out there that will perfectly fit your unique project needs.

Ideal Size For Small Projects

For minor home renovation projects or for a garage cleaning involving one vehicle a 4-yard dumpster will usually take care of business. For instance, you may require a small bin in order to get rid of office supplies so that you can transform your former office into a home-based exercise room. Or, you may need a small bin so that you can clear out a closet or simply get rid of old or broken appliances that you no longer have any use for.

Whether you need a small bin to help clear out a garden project that went awry or need to help finalize a minor roof job, a small, 4-yard bin will usually suffice to get rid of any and all debris or refuse for smaller projects.

Ideal Size for Medium Projects

For medium projects, the size range can vary slightly, albeit the nine to twelve-yard range is usually sufficient for most medium-sized projects. Generally speaking, a nine or twelve-yard bin will be able to handle most household tasks, although it may not be enough to house all of your trash for a major home renovation project.

The good news is a nine or twelve-yard bin will usually be able to take care of a bathroom or small kitchen remodelling project, or if you are thinking of either removing or adding a patio.

A 9-to-12 yard container should also be sufficient if you are planning on installing a new roof or if you want to clean out your basement or a large garage in order to create a rec room. Interestingly, many Canadians request a nine or twelve-yard bin for their landscaping projects.

They may need a medium sized container to contain their tree stumps, weeds, and old sod or they may need a medium sized container because they are planning on tearing or building a fence.

Ideal Size For Large Projects

As mentioned, 14 and 20-yard bins are the biggest containers that most trash removal companies in Toronto offer to their clients, although the best companies will also offer a 40-yard option. Considered the monoliths of the trash removal industry, they are intended for large projects, such as for big home renovation tasks or for major remodelling projects.

If you are thinking of clearing out your large attic in order to turn it into a guest room you may need a 14 or 20-yard bin, depending on the amount of debris, appliances, or furniture you need to get rid of.

In addition, adding a significant addition to your property will also likely require a large 14 or 20-yard bin in order to complete the project in one go. Interestingly, many couples will call a trash removal company in Toronto to order a large bin in order to get rid of their children’s old books, toys, electronics, and furniture after they have moved out of the family home. Whether you are thinking of upgrading or simply want to downsize after a loved one has moved out, a large 14 or 20-yard container will help you achieve your goals.

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