Dumpster Rental East York

Before amalgamating with Toronto in 1998, East York was Canada’s lone remaining municipal borough.

Tucked between Scarborough to its east and downtown Toronto to its west, East York has a population of just over 115,000 residents.

Danforth Avenue, or simply “the Danforth,” is perhaps East York’s most well-known area. Home to Greek town. You’ll find a myriad of shops, bakeries, cafes and of course, a great selection of Greek restaurants.

The second weekend in August sees several blocks of the Danforth shut down for “Taste of the Danforth”.  A massive street festival featuring local cuisine and entertainment that draws over a million visitors annually.

Easy York may get hectic during the festival. However, for the most part it’s an older and quieter part of the city. Though younger families are now moving in, East York still has one of the highest proportions of senior citizens in the GTA and is known for its small town neighbourliness.

The architecture in East York is older too with upwards of 50% of the areas hallmark bungalows constructed in the post-war boom between 1946 and 1960.

We understand that there are many companies out there that offer Dumpster Rental in East York. Above all else, it is our service that makes the difference. We are available 7 days a week and accept all major credit cards for your convenience.


    Dumpster Bin Rental in East York


Instead of storing all that junk in your already crowded garage, slowly reducing it week after week, just call us. We at Red Bins are more than happy to come by with one of our dumpster bins and let you fill it up with all the junk you don’t want. After you’ve gotten rid of all your unwanted trash, we’ll haul it away for you. Simple as that.

Whether you’re moving to a new house, doing renovations, or simply ditching long-forgotten hobby materials that have been collecting dust for years, our dumpster bins will serve your needs.


Dumpster Rental East York Sizes


Our disposal bins range in size from 4 cubic yards to 40 cubic yards. They have double doors for easy entry and are low to the ground. They also have rollers on the bottom so that they will not damage your driveway. Check on our pricing calculator to see the different pricing options.


Bin Size

Over the course of our lives we accrue many things. Memories, relationships, priceless personal belongings, and, unfortunately, junk. Sometimes, a lot of junk. You may find yourself staring at so much junk you just don’t know what to do with it. So much junk that it would take a year of Sundays before the trash collectors would come by and take it away, one bag a week. It can be overwhelming.

We’re prepared for junk piles of any size. We have four different sized dumpster bins:
  • The petite 4-yard bin
  • A 14-yard bin
  • A 20-yard bin
  • The largest size, a 40-yard bin

However much junk you need removed, we can handle it. Our dumpster bins are also very easy to load; just open the door, walk in, and deposit the junk. No need to lift heavy objects over the sides.

Just give us a call (416-RED-BINS) and tell us which size of dumpster bin you need. If you’re not sure, you can ask us and we might be able to give you some insight based on our years of experience. For regular household waste or debris from a renovation, we recommend the 14- or 20-yard bin, which both cost the same amount. Then, tell us when you need it, and we’ll drive it on over. After we have delivered the dumpster bin to where you want it, simply fill it up with all your junk. The rental price for our dumpster bins covers you for up to seven days, but that time can be extended upon your request. When you’re done, we’ll come by and haul it all away for you.


Dumpster Rental East York and the GTA


Also consider our full service option – we’ll not only deliver the dumpster bin to you, but for a small additional fee, we’ll fill it up with your junk as well. We know that many of our customers may not have the time, ability, or inclination to tackle the mess themselves, and in those cases, our team of service professionals will handle the details, clear out the mess, and remove the dumpster bin altogether. No fuss, no muss.

To set up a no-obligation estimate, simply call us any time at 416-733-2467. That’s 416-RED-BINS. Or order online by clicking, here.


Cleanfill Dumpster Rental in East York? 


Are you getting rid of any aggregate? Not sure what bin size you need?


Use our calculator below and order the correct size the first time! Fast and Efficient. Red Bins. 

Clean Fill calculator

RedBins offers a helpful calculator that helps you determine the size of the bin you will need for your disposal needs. Just measure the length and width and depth of the area you need to remove and press the button. Voila! Problem solved.

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