Red Bins Progress Report

They say pictures are worth a thousand words. We really have seen some impressive results for our campaign. 

Just took a few screenshots from my ahrefs account about the progress from Nov 2 to Dec 4 (Today) 

I figure this is the best way to show my work rather than a lengthy report. We are ranking as we should. Ahead of schedule if anything. 


Your Keywords (11 Cities/Serving Area): 

  1. Bin Rental
  2. Garbage Bin Rental
  3. Dumpster Rental
  4. Mini Bin Rental
  5. Junk Removal 
  6. Disposal Bin Rental

All Keywords are settled in. Only one minor anomaly and we will fix it this month. 



Overall Rankings Shift

This picture shows where we stand on the 66 keywords we have for the campaign. In the last month (Nov 2-Dec 4), we have moved up 2 more keywords. Of course this number will keep increasing. The goal is to have a higher number by next month or at least not fall off




Goal for Next Month


  1. Increase Domain Authority (Powerful Backlinking)
  2. Increase Page Content and Word Count


Short. Simple. Very Results Oriented Approach. 

The End






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